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Week of : -  22nd Sep 2020 - 30th Sep 2020
After We Collided  (M) Violence, offensive language & sex scenes
Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever.  Click for more details


Tuesday 22nd : 11.45am, 6.00pm

Wednesday 23rd : 11.45am, 6.00pm

Thursday 24th : 8.00pm

Friday 25th : 8.00pm

Saturday 26th : 8.00pm

Sunday 27th : 8.00pm

Monday 28th : 8.10pm

Tuesday 29th : 8.10pm

Wednesday 30th : 8.10pm

Astro Kid  (PG)   No Comps
Following the destruction of their spaceship, ten-year-old Willy gets separated from his parents while traveling through the galaxy. As his rescue capsule lands on a wild and unexplored planet he be friends the friendly robot Buck and kooky alien Flash. Together they adventure through the wild and mysterious planet, discovering its wildlife and beauty but also the dangers that lie beneath!  Click for more details

Duration : 90 minutes

Thursday 24th : 3.40pm

Friday 25th : 3.40pm

Saturday 26th : 1.30pm

Sunday 27th : 1.30pm

Monday 28th : 10.30am, 2.45pm

Tuesday 29th : 10.30am, 2.45pm

Wednesday 30th : 10.30am, 2.45pm

Bill and Ted Face the Music  (PG) Violence & coarse language
Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter revist Bill & Ted, nearly 30 years after Bogus Journey. The metalhead dummies are now middle-aged dads, still with dreams of making the big time with their band, the Wyld Stallyns. But, out of luck and inspiration, they get back to their time travelling ways to find the song that will set their world right and avoid the apocalypse. And how do they plan to get the track they're destined to play? By stealing it from their future selves, of course.  Click for more details

Duration : 92 minutes

Tuesday 22nd : 4.15pm

Wednesday 23rd : 4.15pm

Thursday 24th : 1.00pm

Friday 25th : 1.00pm

Saturday 26th : 4.40pm

Monday 28th : 6.45pm

Tuesday 29th : 6.45pm

Wednesday 30th : 6.45pm

Cats and Dogs 3 Paws Unite  (G)   No Comps
Cats and dogs join forces in the secret spy world, a partnership known as The Great Truce, in this family-furrendly comedy adventure. However, when a dastardly supervillain parrot discovers a way to manipulate sounds that only felines and canines can hear, it threatens to end the peace. It is up to special agents Gwen the Cat and Roger the Dog to save the day.  Click for more details

Duration : 84 minutes

Thursday 24th : 1.30pm, 4.45pm

Friday 25th : 1.30pm, 4.45pm

Saturday 26th : 10.00am, 3.00pm

Sunday 27th : 10.00am, 3.00pm

Monday 28th : 1.10pm, 4.25pm

Tuesday 29th : 1.10pm, 4.25pm

Wednesday 30th : 1.10pm, 4.25pm

Cut Throat City  (R16) Violence, offensive language, drug use & sexual material  No Comps
When four childhood friends return to their now decimated New Orleans suburb after Hurricane Katrina, they turn to a gangster for employment and soon find themselves hired to pull off a daring casino heist.  Click for more details

Duration : 132 minutes

Tuesday 22nd : 2.00pm, 8.00pm

Wednesday 23rd : 2.00pm, 8.00pm

Thursday 24th : 5.30pm

Friday 25th : 5.30pm

Saturday 26th : 6.20pm

Sunday 27th : 6.20pm

Monday 28th : 6.00pm

Tuesday 29th : 6.00pm

Wednesday 30th : 6.00pm

Fatima  (M) violence
In 1917, outside the parish of Fátima, Portugal, a 10-year-old girl and her two younger cousins claim to witness the Virgin Mary, who tells them that only prayer and suffering will bring an end to World War I. As secularist government officials and Church leaders try to force the children to recant their story, word of the sighting spreads across the country, inspiring religious pilgrims to flock to the site in hopes of witnessing a miracle.  Click for more details

Duration : 112 minutes

Tuesday 22nd : 1.45pm

Wednesday 23rd : 1.45pm

Thursday 24th : 11.00am

Friday 25th : 11.00am

Paw Patrol Jet to the Rescue  (G)   No Comps
The super pups must defend Barkingburg from the Duke of Flappington, who has acquired the power of a mighty levitation gem, in this new movie. **ALL TICKETS AT KIDS PRICES**  Click for more details

Duration : 56 minutes

Thursday 24th : 10.00am, 2.40pm

Friday 25th : 10.00am, 2.40pm

Saturday 26th : 10.00am, 12.45pm

Sunday 27th : 10.00am, 12.45pm

Monday 28th : 9.30am, 12.10pm

Tuesday 29th : 9.30am, 12.10pm

Wednesday 30th : 9.30am, 12.10pm

Savage  (R16) violence, cruety, offensive language & sexual references
"What turns a man into a monster? This multi-stranded drama attempts to explain how a normal young boy named Danny became a fearsome biker by the name of Damage, who wears his gang membership as a full-face tattoo. Kicking off in the late 1980s, where an increasingly jaded Damage is propping up the gang’s divisive leader Moses, Sam Kelly’s debut flashes back to the 1960s, when Danny is remanded in custody for thievery, then cruises through the 1970s as Danny finds his outlaw home. This journey of reflection is the spine of the film, which comes to a head when internal gang tensions boil over and Danny/Damage is embroiled in a murder plot. But is he really the killer they think he is?"  Click for more details

Duration : 100 minutes

Tuesday 22nd : 12noon, 8.15pm

Wednesday 23rd : 12noon, 8.15pm

Thursday 24th : 11.50am, 8.15pm

Friday 25th : 11.50am, 8.15pm

Saturday 26th : 8.30pm

Sunday 27th : 8.30pm

Monday 28th : 8.20pm

Tuesday 29th : 8.20pm

Wednesday 30th : 8.20pm

Tenet  (M) Violence & offensive language
John David Washington is the new Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi action spectacle “Tenet.” Armed with only one word—Tenet—and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time. Not time travel. Inversion.   Click for more details

Duration : 150 minutes

Tuesday 22nd : 5.40pm

Wednesday 23rd : 5.40pm

Saturday 26th : 5.20pm

Sunday 27th : 5.20pm - Final screening

The New Mutants  (M) Violence, offensive language & horror
A group of young mutants being held in a creepy hospital for psychiatric evaluation must utilise their mutant abilities - and teamwork - in order to get out alive.  Click for more details

Duration : 94 minutes

Tuesday 22nd : 3.50pm

Wednesday 23rd : 3.50pm

Thursday 24th : 3.00pm

Friday 25th : 3.00pm

Sunday 27th : 4.40pm

Monday 28th : 5.05pm

Tuesday 29th : 5.05pm

Wednesday 30th : 5.05pm

The Secret Garden  (PG) scary scenes  No Comps
THE SECRET GARDEN tells the story of Mary Lennox, a prickly and unloved 10-year-old girl, born in India to wealthy British parents. When they suddenly die, she is sent back to England to live with her uncle Archibald Craven (Academy Award® and BAFTA-winner Colin Firth) and stern housekeeper Mrs Medlock (Julie Walters) on a remote country estate deep in the Yorkshire moors. There, she begins to uncover many family secrets, particularly after meeting her sickly cousin Colin, who has been shut away in a wing of the house. Together, these two damaged, slightly misfit children heal each other through their discovery of a wondrous secret garden, lost in the grounds of Misselthwaite Manor. A magical place of adventure that will change their lives forever.  Click for more details

Duration : 99 minutes

Thursday 24th : 10.00am

Friday 25th : 10.00am

Saturday 26th : 11.40am, 3.30pm

Sunday 27th : 11.40am, 3.30pm

Monday 28th : 11.45am, 3.20pm

Tuesday 29th : 11.45am, 3.20pm

Wednesday 30th : 11.45am, 3.20pm

The War with Grandpa  (PG) violence  No Comps
Peter and his grandpa used to be very close, but when Grandpa Jack moves in with the family, Peter is forced to give up his most prized possession: his bedroom. Peter will stop at nothing to get his room back, scheming with friends to devise a series of pranks to drive him out. However, grandpa doesn't give up easily, and it turns into an all-out war between the two.  Click for more details

Duration : 95 minutes

Thursday 24th : 6.30pm

Friday 25th : 6.30pm

Saturday 26th : 11.00am, 1.45pm

Sunday 27th : 11.00am, 1.45pm

Monday 28th : 10.00am, 1.30pm

Tuesday 29th : 10.00am, 1.30pm

Wednesday 30th : 10.00am, 1.30pm