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Week of : -  18th Jan 2021 - 3rd Feb 2021
A Call to Spy  (M) Violence
At the dawn of World War II, a desperate Winston Churchill orders his new spy agency to train women for covert operations. Together, these female agents help undermine the Nazi regime in France, leaving an unmistakable legacy in their wake.  Click for more details

Duration : 124 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 3.10pm

Wednesday 27th : 3.10pm

Thursday 28th : 3.20pm

Friday 29th : 3.20pm

Saturday 30th : 3.20pm

Sunday 31st : 3.20pm

Monday 1st : 12.45pm

Tuesday 2nd : 12.45pm

Wednesday 3rd : 12.45pm

Blithe Spirit  (PG) Violence, coarse language, sexual references & drug use
Dan Stevens, Isla Fisher and Judi Dench star in this adaptation of the 1941 stage play about a complex love triangle brought about by a seance gone wrong. A married writer with writer's block consults a spiritualist medium who accidentally evokes the spirit of his first wife while performing a seance.  Click for more details

Duration : 95 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 3.20pm

Wednesday 27th : 3.20pm

Thursday 28th : 3.20pm

Friday 29th : 3.20pm

Saturday 30th : 3.20pm

Sunday 31st : 3.20pm

Monday 1st : 11.00am

Tuesday 2nd : 11.00am

Wednesday 3rd : 11.00am

Dragon Rider  (PG) violence
Firedrake, the young silver dragon, has had enough of constantly having to hide in a wooded valley. He wants to show the older generation that he is a real dragon. When humans are about to destroy his family’s very last refuge, Firedrake secretly sets off on an adventurous journey with forest brownie Sorrel. He wants to find the “Rim of Heaven”, the dragons’ mysterious haven. On their quest Firedrake and Sorrel encounter Ben, an orphan and stray, who claims to be a dragon rider. While Ben and Firedrake make friends quickly, Sorrel becomes increasingly distrustful and tries to get rid of the orphan at every opportunity. But the unlikely trio have to learn to pull together, because they are being hunted by Nettlebrand. The evil, dragon-eating monster was created by an alchemist with the aim of tracking down and destroying every dragon on Earth... Dragon Rider is coming soon.  Click for more details

Duration : 92 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 10.00am

Wednesday 27th : 10.00am

Thursday 28th : 10.00am

Friday 29th : 10.00am

Saturday 30th : 10.00am

Sunday 31st : 10.00am

Dreambuilders  (PG) 
In this animated family adventure, Young Minna discovers she has the ability to control other people's dreams, choosing to irresponsibly use those powers to annoy her stepsister. However, when her stepsister doesn't wake up, it is up to Minnato save her in the dream world.  Click for more details

Duration : 81 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 11.50am

Wednesday 27th : 11.50am

Thursday 28th : 11.45am

Friday 29th : 11.45am

Saturday 30th : 11.45am

Sunday 31st : 11.45am

Monday 1st : 4.30pm

Tuesday 2nd : 4.30pm

Wednesday 3rd : 4.30pm

Penguin Bloom  (PG) coarse language  No Comps
Naomi Watts is a paralysed wife and mother who, along with her photographer husband (Andrew Lincoln, TV's The Walking Dead), finds solace in rescuing and raising a magpie chick in this true story drama co-produced by Watts.  Click for more details

Duration : 95 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 1.30pm, 5.40pm

Wednesday 27th : 1.30pm, 5.40pm

Thursday 28th : 1.30pm, 8.00pm

Friday 29th : 1.30pm, 8.00pm

Saturday 30th : 1.30pm, 8.10pm

Sunday 31st : 1.30pm, 8.10pm

Monday 1st : 2.50pm, 8.15pm

Tuesday 2nd : 2.50pm, 8.15pm

Wednesday 3rd : 2.50pm, 8.15pm

Promising Young Woman  (R18) Violence, deals with rape and suicide
A young woman (Carey Mulligan) tries to right a wrong from her past by taking revenge on predatory men. Feigning intoxication and letting "nice guys" take her home, Cassie turns the tables on the creeps (including the likes of Adam Brody and Christopher Mintz-Plasse) taking advantage of incapacitated women. Written and directed by Emerald Fennell, showrunner of Killing Eve season two.  Click for more details

Duration : 113 minutes

Tuesday 19th : 8.15pm

Wednesday 20th : 8.15pm

Thursday 21st : 8.00pm

Friday 22nd : 8.00pm

Saturday 23rd : 8.00pm

Sunday 24th : 8.00pm

Monday 25th : 8.00pm

Tuesday 26th : 8.00pm

Wednesday 27th : 8.00pm

The Croods a New Age  (PG) violence
The Croods are now living - and misbehaving - in an odd new world with a new family who have seemingly created a safe haven full of food and protection. However, with a no-leaving policy, the confined space seems oddly familiar...  Click for more details

Duration : 95 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 1.20pm

Wednesday 27th : 1.20pm

Thursday 28th : 1.30pm

Friday 29th : 1.30pm

Saturday 30th : 1.30pm

Sunday 31st : 1.30pm

The Dry  (M) Violence, offensive language and content that may disturb
When Federal Agent Aaron Falk (Bana) returns to his home town after an absence of over twenty years to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Luke, who allegedly killed his wife and child before taking his own life – a victim of the madness that has ravaged this community after more than a decade of drought. When Falk reluctantly agrees to stay and investigate the crime, he opens up an old wound – the death of 17- year-old Ellie Deacon. Falk begins to suspect these two crimes, separated by decades, are connected. As he struggles to prove not only Luke’s innocence but also his own, Falk finds himself pitted against the prejudice towards him and pent-up rage of a terrified community.  Click for more details

Duration : 117 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 5.45pm

Wednesday 27th : 5.45pm

Thursday 28th : 5.45pm

Friday 29th : 5.45pm

Saturday 30th : 5.40pm

Sunday 31st : 5.40pm

Monday 1st : 11.30am, 5.45pm

Tuesday 2nd : 11.30am, 5.45pm

Wednesday 3rd : 11.30am, 5.45pm

The Elfkins Baking a Difference  (PG) 
Legendary gnomes known as Elfkins offer their craftsmanship to a chef who desperately needs it in this animated family adventure.  Click for more details

Duration : 78 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 10.00am

Wednesday 27th : 10.00am

Thursday 28th : 10.00am

Friday 29th : 10.00am

Saturday 30th : 10.00am

Sunday 31st : 10.00am

Monday 1st : 10.00am

Tuesday 2nd : 10.00am

Wednesday 3rd : 10.00am

The Marksman  (R13) violence & cruelty  No Comps
Liam Neeson leads this action thriller as a rancher on the Arizona border who becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing cartel assassins  Click for more details

Duration : 107 minutes

Thursday 28th : 8.00pm

Friday 29th : 8.00pm

Saturday 30th : 8.00pm

Sunday 31st : 8.00pm

Monday 1st : 1.40pm, 8.00pm

Tuesday 2nd : 1.40pm, 8.00pm

Wednesday 3rd : 1.40pm, 8.00pm

Wild Mountain Thyme  (PG) Coarse language  No Comps
A madcap love story with soaring lyricism, set against the breath-taking landscapes of rural Ireland, where everyone is half mad with loneliness or love, and the weather is terrible. Anthony and Rosemary are star-crossed lovers, whose families are caught up in a feud over a holy contested patch of land that separates their two farms. Anthony always seems to be out in the fields working, worn down by his father’s constant belittling. But what really stings is his father's threat to bequeath the family farm to his American cousin Adam. Rosemary at first seems to hold a grudge for having been shamed by Anthony in childhood, but the sparks between them would keep a bonfire blazing through the night. Her mother Aoife strives to unite the families before it is too late. Just when we think Anthony will pluck up the courage to face up to his repressed feelings, cousin Adam steps in with a plan to sweep Rosemary off her feet, romancing her over a magical 24 hours in Manhattan. But true love is never defeated!  Click for more details

Duration : 102 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 11.30am

Wednesday 27th : 11.30am

Thursday 28th : 11.30am

Friday 29th : 11.30am

Saturday 30th : 11.30am

Sunday 31st : 11.30am

Monday 1st : 3.30pm

Tuesday 2nd : 3.30pm

Wednesday 3rd : 3.30pm

Wonder Woman 1984  (M) violence
Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) returns, and somehow her lost love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) does as well, in this 80s-set sequel to the 2017 DC superhero hit. Patty Jenkins resumes directorial duties, overseeing the retro blockbuster extravaganza that introduces new characters, a powerful businessman played by Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig’s awkward archaeologist.  Click for more details

Duration : 151 minutes

Tuesday 19th : 5.30pm

Wednesday 20th : 5.30pm

Saturday 23rd : 5.35pm

Sunday 24th : 5.35pm

Monday 25th : 7.30pm

Tuesday 26th : 7.30pm

Wednesday 27th : 7.30pm