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Week of : -  25th Aug 2021 - 30th Sep 2021
Candyman  (R16) Violence, horror, suicide & content that may disturb  No Comps
Billed as a "spiritual sequel" to the 1992 horror, produced and co-written by Jordan Peele (Get Out). Set in the now-gentrified Chicago neighbourhood where the Candyman legend - a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, the son of a slave killed in the late 19th century, summoned by saying his name five times in the mirror - began. Tony Todd, who played The Candyman in the original, returns.  Click for more details

Duration : 91 minutes

Tuesday 21st : 2.10pm, 8.30pm

Wednesday 22nd : 2.10pm, 8.30pm

Thursday 23rd : 2.25pm, 6.40pm

Friday 24th : 2.25pm, 6.40pm

Saturday 25th : 8.30pm

Sunday 26th : 8.30pm

Monday 27th : 2.25pm, 6.40pm

Tuesday 28th : 2.25pm, 6.40pm

Wednesday 29th : 2.25pm, 6.40pm

Free Guy  (M) Violence & offensive language
Guy (Reynolds) first learns the truth of his existence after coders Milly (Comer) and Keys (Joe Keery, TV's Stranger Things) insert buggy code into the game Free City - something of a cross between Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto - published by Antoine (Waititi). But when Guy gets noticed for making moves to become the game's hero, he finds himself in a race against time as the developers move to shut it down.  Click for more details

Duration : 115 minutes

Tuesday 21st : 5.50pm

Wednesday 22nd : 5.50pm

Thursday 23rd : 5.50pm

Friday 24th : 5.50pm

Saturday 25th : 2.50pm, 5.45pm

Sunday 26th : 2.50pm, 5.45pm

Monday 27th : 5.50pm

Tuesday 28th : 5.50pm

Wednesday 29th : 5.50pm

Jungle Cruise  (M) violence
Emily Blunt is an intrepid scientist and Dwayne Johnson is a riverboat captain on a jungle mission to find the Tree of Life and discover it's healing powers in this Disney adventure, inspired by the Disneyland theme park ride. The are racing a competing German expedition, and must battle the elements, wild animals and supernatural forces en route.  Click for more details

Duration : 127 minutes

Saturday 25th : 10.00am - all tickets at kids prices

Sunday 26th : 10.00am - all tickets at kids prices

Paw Patrol The Movie  (G)   No Comps
When their biggest rival, Humdinger, starts wreaking havoc as the mayor of Adventure City, Ryder and everyone's favorite heroic pups kick into high gear to face the challenge. Armed with exciting new gadgets and gear, the PAW Patrol joins forces with a savvy dachshund to save the citizens of Adventure City.  Click for more details

Duration : 88 minutes

Saturday 25th : 10.00am, 2.00pm

Sunday 26th : 10.00am, 2.00pm

Queen Bees  (PG) Coarse language, drug use & sexual references
While her house undergoes repairs, fiercely independent senior Helen (Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn) moves into a nearby retirement community, just temporarily. Once behind the doors of Pine Grove Senior Community, she encounters lusty widows, cutthroat bridge tournaments and a hotbed of bullying mean girls the likes of which she hasnt encountered since high school, all of which leaves her yearning for the solitude of home. But somewhere between flower arranging and water aerobics Helen discovers that its never too late to make new friends and perhaps even find a new love.  Click for more details

Duration : 102 minutes

Tuesday 21st : 10.00am

Wednesday 22nd : 10.00am

Thursday 23rd : 10.00am

Friday 24th : 10.00am

Saturday 25th : 3.45pm

Sunday 26th : 3.45pm

Monday 27th : 10.00am

Tuesday 28th : 10.00am

Wednesday 29th : 10.00am

Respect  (M) Offensive language
Aretha Franklin sings in her father's church choir as a child and grows up to become an international musical superstar and legend.  Click for more details

Duration : 145 minutes

Tuesday 21st : 11.40am, 6.00pm

Wednesday 22nd : 11.40am, 6.00pm

Thursday 23rd : 10.00am, 4.00pm

Friday 24th : 10.00am, 4.00pmm

Saturday 25th : 12.15pm

Sunday 26th : 12.15pm

Monday 27th : 10.00am, 4.00pm

Tuesday 28th : 10.00am, 4.00pm

Wednesday 29th : 10.00am, 4.00pm

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings  (M) Violence  No Comps
Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings follows Shang-Chi, who must confront the past he thought he left behind when he is drawn into the web of the mysterious Ten Rings organization.  Click for more details

Duration : 132 minutes

Tuesday 21st : 1.50pm, 8.00pm

Wednesday 22nd : 1.50pm, 8.00pm

Thursday 23rd : 3.20pm, 8.00pm

Friday 24th : 3.20pm, 8.00pm

Saturday 25th : 11.40am, 8.00pm

Sunday 26th : 11.40am, 8.00pm

Monday 27th : 3.20pm, 8.00pm

Tuesday 28th : 3.20pm, 8.00pm

Wednesday 29th : 3.20pm, 8.00pm

The Ice Road  (M) Violence & offensive language  No Comps
Liam Neeson leads this natural disaster thriller about an ice truck driver who takes it upon himself to lead a desperate rescue mission to save a group of miners trapped in a diamond mine.  Click for more details

Duration : 109 minutes

Thursday 23rd : 12.30pm, 8.20pm

Friday 24th : 12.30pm, 8.20pm

Saturday 25th : 6.30pm

Sunday 26th : 6.30pm

Monday 27th : 12.30pm, 8.20pm

Tuesday 28th : 12.30pm, 8.20pm

Wednesday 29th : 12.30pm, 8.20pm

The Justice of Bunny King  (M) Domestic abuse themes, violence & offensive language
Essie Davis (The Babadook) and Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit) star in this overcoming-adversity tale about a troubled mother of two fighting against the system to reunite with her children. This battle puts her in the path of Tonyah, her niece who she takes under her wing.  Click for more details

Duration : 101 minutes

Tuesday 21st : 11.55am

Wednesday 22nd : 11.55am

Thursday 23rd : 1.30pm

Friday 24th : 1.30pm

Monday 27th : 1.30pm

Tuesday 28th : 1.30pm

Wednesday 29th : 1.30pm

The Mole Agent  (G) 
Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2021 Academy Awards, this Chilean film follows an 83-year-old man who agrees to be a mole planted within a retirement home under suspicion of elder abuse. However, the mole starts to waver from his task when he becomes wrapped up in the lives of his fellow residents.  Click for more details

Duration : 89 minutes

Tuesday 21st : 10.00am, 4.10pm

Wednesday 22nd : 10.00am, 4.10pm

Thursday 23rd : 11.50am

Friday 24th : 11.50am

Saturday 25th : 4.55pm

Sunday 26th : 4.55pm

Monday 27th : 11.50am

Tuesday 28th : 11.50am

Wednesday 29th : 11.50am