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It Chapter 2

Rating : R16   Graphic violence, offensive language & cruelty

No Comps

Starring : Bill SkarsgÃ¥rd, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Jay Ryan, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, Andy Bean

In the sleepy town of Derry, the evil clown Pennywise returns 27 years later to torment the grown-up members of the Losers' Club, who have long since drifted apart from one another.

Duration : 169 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Tuesday 10th : 7.30pm

Wednesday 11th : 7.30pm

Thursday 12th : 11.45am, 7.50pm

Friday 13th : 11.45am, 7.50pm

Saturday 14th : 7.40pm

Sunday 15th : 7.00pm

Monday 16th : 12.20pm, 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th : 12.20pm, 7.30pm

Wednesday 18th : 12.20pm, 7.30pm

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