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Rating : PG   Coarse language

Starring : Sarah Greene, Moe Dunford, Ellie O'Halloran, Darragh Mckenzie, Ruby Dunne, Molly McCann, Natalia Kostrzewa & Killian Coyle

"When their landlord sells their rental home, Rosie (Greene), John Paul (Dunford), and their young family find themselves homeless. With their essential belongings crammed into their car, they begin the daily search for a place to sleep. While John Paul works kitchen shifts, Rosie drives the older kids to and from school, where shame keeps them from confessing the desperation of their situation. Old emotional wounds prevent Rosie from accepting her mother’s offer to put up the kids, so the family is reduced to roaming the city daily, uncertain as to which — if any — hotel will accept the Dublin City Council credit card they’re dependent on to provide them with lodging."

Duration : 86 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Tuesday 7th : 3.00pm

Wednesday 8th : 3.00pm

Thursday 9th : 5.05pm

Friday 10th : 5.05pm

Saturday 11th : 6.40pm

Sunday 12th : 6.40pm

Monday 13th : 6.20pm

Tuesday 14th : 6.20pm

Wednesday 15th : 6.20pm

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