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Rating : M   Violence, offensive language, sex scenes & content that may disturb

Starring : Tanea Heke, Roimata Fox, Ngapaki Moetara, Awhina-Rose Ashby, Maria Walker, Kararaina Rangihau, Acacia Hapi, Miriama McDowell, Amber Curreen

Eight Māori female directors contribute a sequence to this feature which unfolds around the tangi of a boy who died at the hands of his caregiver.
"We see a single death through the differing lenses of the extended family, community, and in one sharp sequence, national media too. Waru weaves multiple reactions and offers a glimpse into the events which ensue upon the killing of a child and the conflict created among loved ones." (RNZ/The Hui)

Duration : 86 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Tuesday 12th : 2.10pm

Wednesday 13th : 2.10pm - Final

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