Screening Today

Despicable Me 3

Rating : PG  

Starring : Steve Carell, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Pierre Coffin, Andy Nyman, Michael Beattie, Nev Scharrel

Pierre Coffin, director of the two previous films and voice of the Minions, returns to co-direct the third installment starring Kristen Wiig, Steve Carell and South Park's Trey Parker.
Gru (Carell) faces off against Balthazar Bratt (Parker), a former child star who grows up to become obsessed with the character he played in the '80s, and gets into some sibling rivalry when he meets his long lost twin brother, Dru (also Carell).

Duration : 90 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Saturday 29th : 10.00am

Sunday 30th : 10.00am

Wednesday 2nd : 4.15pm

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